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Who We Are

Takalani Land Surveyors Inc. is a black owned registered Land, Air, Engineering Surveying and GIS Consulting Company, run by Professional Land Surveyors (Professional Geomatics Practitioners) registered with the South African Geomatics Council (SAGC), the professional body regulating the Geomatics profession.

Our vision is to become the most proficient professional Geomatics service provider in the African continent and beyond, rendering excellent, integrated and timeous land development and Geomatics services to ensure clientele satisfaction.

Career Opportunities

Unfortunately, there is currently no vacancies. All vacancies shall be advertised on our website

Our Mission

Takalani Land Surveyors Inc. is a capable and dedicated land development company with the correct solution-based approach in meeting and exceeding our Clients’ expectations.
Our experienced and focused teams are well placed and equipped and contain the correct experience and qualifications to carry out their functions with diligence and skill. It is our wish that Takalani Land Surveyors Inc. may be of service to all prospective Clients in the Private, Professional and Public sector.
Please direct all enquiries and/or requests for additional information to Takalani Land Surveyors Inc. on the details provided above.

Our Mission

Ethical Business Practice

Through our successful and professional ways of doing business using ethical business practices.

Build Lasting Relationships

Building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and provide the best customer service.

Growth through Efficiency

Maximize production altitudes through up to date technologies and experience.

Offering products/ services that raise your project above the expectation!

Frequently question asked?

Why or when would I need my Land Surveyed?

– When buying land and you do not clearly know where the property line is on the ground. – When selling land and you do not clearly know where the property line is on the ground. – When land is not clearly defined by a plat, legal description, or older Land Survey. – When you cannot be certain of the location of your property corners. – When building, Land Surveying often used to determine drainage, setbacks, and proper planning by many. – Before land is divided. – When a lending institution requires a survey for a mortgage. – Before building a fence, building, shed, or anything close to an unknown property line. – Before timber is to be cut near a property line. – When purchasing title insurance. – When applying for a “Torrens Title” to “register” you and your land title. – Whenever a boundary line or corner is unknown or in disagreement. – To settle a boundary dispute of some type. – When you think you might have an encroachment on your land. – When clearing or doing construction in “wetland” areas in the jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers. – Before developing property.

What can a Land Surveyor do for me?

– Consult and advise you whether you need a Land Survey or not, and what type of Land Survey you may need to suit your best interests whether that is concerning building, developing, or legal boundary issues. – Examine your deed and adjoining deeds for problems. (Is it able to be Surveyed?) – Find or replace, then mark property corners and property lines so that they can easily be identified. – Create subdivision diagram (plans). – Draw topographic and contour maps when elevations are required for drainage and other planning needs. – Advise and cooperate with your Attorney, Title Insurer, Realtor, Banker, Architect, or Civil Engineer. – Locate encroachments and improvements such as: buildings, fences, etc. relative to the property line. – Appear in court as an expert witness on your behalf in a lawsuit. – Assist you in preparing drawings to be used in proposed construction for building permit applications. – Perform preliminary route surveys for roads and engineering designs, perform construction staking from engineering or architectural design plans. – Perform Land Surveys to assist in creating a “basemap” to develop a GIS Geographic Information System. – Determine accurate Latitude and Longitude of features or control points, using specified coordinate systems or datum. This is often done using GPS (Global Positioning System).”

Is it only Professional Land Surveyors who can survey?

According to the South African Geomatics Profession Act 2013 (Act no. 19 of 2013 ) only persons registered as in the Professional category and in that branch are allowed him to do such work. You many read more on the distinction between registered and non-registered persons on the link below: https://www.sagi.co.za/members-area/latestnews/news/item/2915-general-public-notice-distinction-between-registered-and-un-registered-surveyors

I need a Land Surveyor to advise me, who can I call?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact details are under the CONTACT page

How do I know that Takalani Land Surveyors is registered?

You can visit www.sagc.org.za > click Members > Search Member > Type: Takalani Check if “FC Takalani” appears


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